Lori Ewing

Grooming has been a part of my life as far back as when I was 10 years old. Growing up we had a big Collie named Sam and I used to sit out in our driveway and brush bags of hair out of him each spring. I have always had many furry friends in my life. As a youth I was very involved in 4-H where I showed horses and dogs. One of my first jobs was at a kennel as a bather. I also worked for a couple of local veterinarians as a kennel helper & assistant to the vet. I started raising, training and showing German Shepherds and got a job as an obedience trainer for a kennel who trained gun and retriever dogs for hunting. I trained them to do the basics…. Sit, Come, Down, and Stay and then they would go out into the field to learn all about the retrieving.
In 1978 I decided to go to grooming school. The owner of the salon hired me right after graduation and I worked for her for 3 more years grooming and learning as much as I could about the business. In August of 1980 (with the help of my mom and dad) I opened my own grooming shop. 
Well, the rest is history! For the last 30+ years I have had the privilege to work on so many clients' dogs. I have started them out with a new puppy and then was also there when it was time to say goodbye to their faithful friends. I love my job and love working with so many different dogs each day. From the big hairys, to the tiny chihuahas and all those Poodles, Lhasas, Schnauzers, Cockers and everything in between!
I married Andy in 1990 and we have two sons ~ Jackson and Danny. My extended family includes 5 horses, 2 cows, 5 dogs, 3 cats, 10 chickens and a parrot.  We all live together on 14 acres in Littlerock.  I enjoy horseback riding, working around our farm, traveling, camping and just spending time with friends and family.
My lifelong passion has been to enjoy people and their pets! I take pride in knowing I am making the dogs feel and look good. I really do love my job! Thank you to all of you that have supported my passion for all these years. I hope to continue to groom for many more clients and strive to better educate their owners on good grooming practices for their furry family members. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me,

Lori Ewing
Owner and Operator of Canine Chateau Grooming


Hanna Hacker

I have always been interested in animals. When most kids were watching cartoons, I was watching Animal Planet. My love for dogs began when I was seven. My parents brought home an Australian Shepherd puppy. A male blue merle we named Max. Year after year I spent every season brushing him out, loving on him, and trying to train him. I got him to jump through a hoop even! When my parents got their second Aussie, Koda, I had the privilege of training him and doing agility with him. Now I have a rescued black lab mix named Turbo. Since he is older, I don’t get to do agility, but we still train together and figure out all sorts of fun tricks.

Since getting my first job at the Tenino Vet Clinic when I was 15 as a veterinary assistant, I have worked with many animals. Though my jobs have changed, I haven’t strayed too far from the animal field. I have worked at two veterinary clinics, a breeding and training facility, and now the Canine Chateau. I love learning new things and talking to new people. I have learned so much about dogs, and I’m still ready for more. They are my passion, and part of my family. You know what they say! Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.


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